Dei Gratia is a charitable, religious, social, cultural and educational not for profit organization. We seek of a deeper love of God and a fuller practice of the Christian life, and in turn, a more active involvement in church and community.

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Our Mission

To build the capacity of local churches by promoting personal developement and active involvement in church and community.

Our Focus

Personal developement of individuals through education and active involvement in communities, providing opportunities for community service, youth programs and civic engagement.

Our Vision

Create a trusted space where you can celebrate the faith with friends and build local connections and local content, centered around God, Church and community. This is Community Christendom.

Friend Connections Establish connections between members. Add friends and accept friendship requests. Track activities of friends or friends of friends. Each member has a list of friends on the site. Find new friends with similar interests by any link in each member’s profile field. Includes Facebook Style Wall Posting where members can post updates and photos to each other’s Profile Walls and “Like” their favorite posts. Internal Messaging Send and receive private emails from members in your friends list within your private messaging panel. All members have their own individual Inbox, Sentbox and Drafts folder. Members will be notified of new messages by a new message count as well as email notifications if enabled. Share Media Members have the ability attach photos, videos, and even share web links with everyone on your network. Upload and share media with the same features and ease of Facebook. Mobile and Tablet Friendly Dei Gratia is responsive on phones with sliding profile panels and polished mobile styles, and also responds to the size of your tablet, looking great for every member, every time. Community Groups Gather friends together by creating a public, private or hidden group and become the group admin. The group admin can also approve requests to join the private group, invite friends to a hidden group, establish communications among members, extend privileges to other members, and enable new features within the group, among others. Community Forums Where members can share information and discuss topics. The forums hold each discussion forum members create, allowing a hierarchy of forums to be created. Members can create topics, which are discussion threads (title and opening post) and replies, which are posts replying to topics.